About Us

Expecting Grey is a lifestyle brand created by Morgan and Johnnie White III along with their daughters Grey & Roux. It all started as a platform on IG to document a young family entering the world of parenthood while keeping ahold their sense of style. Today, Expecting Grey has evolved into a network of collaboration, inspiration, and what it means to be modern day parents. 

Morgan White is a 33 year-old mother and wife from New York. Her decision to give the outside world a peek into their lives first sparked with her feature in an Essence Magazine profile piece titled, “A Mother’s Style Awakening.” Morgan knew once she entered motherhood, that losing her identity was not an option and felt she could inspire parents to have their cake and eat it too. Hence a year later, Expecting Grey, their IG and main platform was born. Motherhood has taught her to be intentional, genuine, and how to make use of her ingenuity. Grey, the family's eldest daughter, has been the main influence behind their latest and most passionate endeavor, "Special Delivery" - a creative line featuring products from stationery needs to must-have pieces.